"The care taker, BHOPAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION and the Members are experienced enough on their own successful business & management concerns. Board of Directors have affirmative vision and they do believe and often say, success lies in serving honestly not for reward but regard. The aim is to, Enlighten the vision... ..."Humanism".

Mr. Shashank Rastogi Chairman
Mr. Sajal Agrawal Director
Mr. Pramod Ballewar Director

The Chairman's Desk


Shashank Rastogi

Education is one of the most important facets of human evolution. It leads us from darkness to light. Nursing, a profession that recalls the name of Florence Nightingale is indeed one of the noblest professions in the world.

As a Chairman of the group, I am happy to receive this opportunity to serve in its benign efforts to serve the society with professional medical services. We are constantly striving to extend our facilities to a fully fledged academic complex with multifarious activities under the aegis of BHOPAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION At present we have four full functional nursing colleges are B.Sc. nursing, post – basic B.Sc. nursing. English language and personality development classes are also conducted here. Very soon we are going to starts post graduation M.Sc. nursing courses. Apart from studies, extracurricular activities like sports, arts and cultural programs are well supported in our institutes.

The most important supports for career is employment. Here at rastogi group, all the collage offer placement through campus selection in international standards hospitals, various service industries and institutes.

I warmly welcome you all to our institute which is located at, more or less a place known for success and simplicity. I wish you all success for the future career. I am confident that with the best efforts of our team this academic session will grow by leaps and bounds to attain the targeted objectives.

The Director's Desk


Sajal Agrawal

Nursing as a Profession is unique because i addresses the response of the individual health Problems in humanistic manner. it is directed towards the understanding & improvement of the patients capability and preventing recurrence of problem.

Now the job vacancies in nursing are widerning worldwide with promising career. as a director, i shall utilize all my skills & experience for development of our students and campus. i congratulate all the faculties and team members, who have contributed in bringing up these institutes. i wish all sucess to the young aspirants, who have opted for nursing course as career.


The Director's Desk


Pramod Ballewar

Serving the society means serving the nation. Nursing is a soft service profession, the study of the methodology to solve health problems. It's a unique medical health educational program me for the sake of goodness and betterment to humanism. The area being vast in nursing, it’s been categorized to particular aspect for better learning and curing with latest tools & techniques. The future of nursing profession in our nation is growing brighter. Now nursing courses have become one among the perfect career security tool. Hear, the aspirants can achieve their career goal.

We have four different establishing nursing institutes at Chhattisgarh. Is most important among is our placement offer through campus selection. Several organizations have already offered our student with minimum 1 lac to maximum 1.8 lacs salary package just often course completion. As a Director, I wish all the very best every nursing student and their parents and our faculties, with whom we have flourished as the best education centre in the region. We have four different establishing nursing institutes at Chhattisgarh.